The Dance was staged for the second time at the Hallenstadion Zurich, with ten of the world's best dance crews battling it out for the urban dance titles. After three hours of thrilling entertainment, the Crew Prototype was the one to make it all the way through, and celebrate their well-earned victory. The Crew OBC (RUS) finished up in second place and the Super Cr3w (USA) on third.

Not only the outstanding choreographies got standing ovation, but also world star Akon. He heated up the mood in the audience and showed everybody how to party. Beside Akon, the British newcomer duo "Bars and Melody" was able to wrap the audience around their fingers. As last year, The Dance exceeded the expectations and the visitors were able to enjoy a first-class show. The level of the competition was extremely high and the crews offered spectacular performances. Also the winners of the Swisstour, the Mazda teams white and black, enthused the audience.


In the second round of the dance crews from throughout the world will once again conquered the stage and brought the audience to a frenzy. The ten crews are all the best in their own country and have already been awarded a number of national and international titles.


Team UK was represented by the Crew Prototype. The Crew is formed of some oft the best individual dances in the UK. Created in 2011, they have since made a strong impact on the scene winning events such as Street Dance Kemp and Funkin’ Styles world finals.


The winners of The Dance 2016 will also be here in the second series to defend their title. Morning of Owl is a dance crew from Suwon, South Korea, which has strongly influenced the B-boying community with its creative shows. The crew has already won several breakdancing competitions worldwide.


Team Aurora is the Northern Lights crew, made up of eight dancers from different crews such as Soulswear, The Iconic House of Ninja, P*fect, House of Prodigy, Octagon and Grounded. With their different styles, characteristics and experiences, they form a unique team. Among the members of the crew, we find winners of Juste Debout, Streetstar and Latex Ball. The love of dance and self-expression unites the dancers, and their versatility is one of their greatest strengths.


The crew Mnaighty Force is made up of dancers from the whole of Italy, who now want to show what they are really made of. The dancers all come from the three famous crews: MNAIS, whose members appeared in an Italian TV show, NORD FORCE, who have already appeared on Italia’s got Talent, and MIGHTY SILCY, who have already won numerous national and international battles.


The Super Cr3w, the winners of the MTV Show “America’s Best Dance Crew Season 2” represent the USA. Well experienced Dancers that are in the game for many years and been winning numerous titles. A collective that lives according to the motto “Follow your dreams and never give up”.  Thanks to this positive attitude to life, they have already performed in music videos for stars such as Fergie, Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Missy Elliott, Sean Paul and Paul McCartney.


The team from Germany comprises the crews K.Mifa, KERAMIKA, Star Wars and The School. The crew is made up of eight dancers with different origins. But that doesn’t matter, as they are all top dancers who have been performing at different events and competitions throughout the world for more than 10 years. The team is full of creative artists who approach their art full of passion.


Japan is represented by the crew MORTAL COMBAT, which has been working at Universal Studios Japan for several years now thanks to their enormous talent. They now run the Mortal Combat Academy and conduct workshops throughout the world. Not only do they pass on their knowledge to young and enthusiastic dancers, they also demonstrate it in battles and showcases, such as at Japan Dance Delight, which they won four years in a row – the only crew to have achieved this.


The French team is a mix of members of the different crews DC Vortex, Serial Stepperz, Paradox-Sal, Hype&Spicy, WANTED Posse and VAGABOND. Their new motto "Time to change the rules... and create new ones" seems tailored to this crew, whose aim is to blend feminine strength with male sensitivity and face new challenges together.


The team is united not just by the love of dance but by a deep friendship that stretches over many years. They grow together from year to year and have already made an international name for themselves. Now they are delighted to have the opportunity to show off their skills in front of a home audience.


The Russian crew OBC have been dancing together since 1998. One year after forming the group, they joined up with the guys from Togliatti to take part in the competition “Ready to battle”. This is where OBC’s career began. The crew is made up of dancers from throughout the whole of Russia and is one of the leading crews in the country. They have already proved their amazing ability in diverse TV projects such as “Battle for Respect” and “Urban Dance Hit”.
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Akon was not just part of the jury but also performed his greatest hits in a show block. The world-famous singer, who discovered talents such as Lady Gaga and T-Pain, will get the Hallenstadion really rocking and deliver a fantastic show. He performed legendary songs from his extremely successful albums, of which more than 35 million copies have sold worldwide.


Bars and Melody are a UK pop/rap duo consisting of Leondre Devries (16) and Charlie Lenehan (18). The band formed in 2014 and since then have had a number 5 UK single, a number 4 UK album, a platinum album in Poland and a number 1 album in the Japanese international chart etc. The band are more than musicians, they were TV presenters on the BBC show 'Friday Download' and have a very popular Youtube channel with over 250 Million combined views and 1.2 million subscribers. Bars and Melody are currently writing their 2nd studio album which is due for worldwide release later in 2017. Foto: © Marianne Harris


Niels Robitzky, aka Storm, is Europe's dance legend no. 1 and brought his expertise to the jury of The Dance. Storm specialises in the dance techniques popping & locking, which he has been practising since he was 14. Bboy legend, pioneer and author – Storm is a phenomenon and has brought urban dance styles to the largest theatre stages in the world. He has strongly influenced the development of urban dance with his unique skills.

TechnicalJURYBuddha Stretch

Buddha Stretch aka the father of hip hop dance is the founder of the „Elite Force Crew“. His influence, discipline and dance genes were passed on by his father at an early age. He has featured in various music videos, live shows and projects. In addition, the choreographer, dancer, dance teacher and performer has choreographed videos from Will Smith (Men in Black), has worked with Michael Jackson and was nominated for two MTV Music Awards in the "Best Choreography" category.


The international star is regarded as one of the most versatile talents of this time. Whether hip hop, salsa, jazz or ballet, there is almost no dance style that Danielle did not master. So it is no wonder that she has already choreographed for legends like Janet Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Usher and Beyoncé. Thanks to her tremendous experience and passion for dancing, she has appeared in more than 20 performances in music videos of stars like Lady Gaga, Chris Brown and LL Cool J as well as in the hit Movie Step Up 2 The Streets and therefore belongs to the elite of the dance world. In addition to her professional career, Danielle is known to be one of the top underground female dancers of this era and created with "Femmology" her very own dance style.


Omar Delgado Macias aka Roxrite (Red Bull BC One Allstar & Renegade Crew) is one of the most successful and well-known B-Boys in the world. Grown up in San Diego / California, the millennium has been traveling around the wold for years and is a frequenter on the the stage that means the world. Among other things, he won the most important 1-on-1 breakdancebattle in the world – the Red Bull BC One World Final – in Moscow.


With his powerful and passionate voice, Akon has already released numerous hits in different genres, ranging from pop and R&B through to hip hop and dance. In addition to his own chart singles, "Smack That", "I Wanna Love You", "Lonely" and many more, he has also had an unbelievable 300 featurings, including "Sexy Bitch" with David Guetta as well as feats for icons such as Michael Jackson, Eminem, Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani, Lil Wayne and R. Kelly. With more than 35 million albums sold worldwide, five Grammy nominations and 45 Billboard Hot 100 songs, he is unstoppable. Now the music legend came to Switzerland on 20 May 2017 exclusively for The Dance and, with his show-biz expertise, rated the dancers as a member of the Lifestyle Jury. In addition, Akon performed his greatest hits in a show block.


Carmen Geiss was so excited about the first edition of THE DANCE that she wants to be a part of it in 2017, too. This time, though, she brought her husband Robert with her to Zurich as well. Together, this dream team evaluated the spectacular performances and battles by the international array of crews. The pair hardly need any introduction: they star in the TV show “The Geissens – A Terribly Glamorous Family”, which has become widely known and loved even outside its native Germany. Carmen and Robert Geiss are your “up-close and personal” celebrities – authentic, approachable and engaged with their fans.


Maurice Mobetie, aka Momo, is one of the best known entrepreneurs and club owners in Switzerland. When global stars such as Chris Brown, 50 Cent or Rihanna come to Switzerland, you can always be sure that Momo is involved. He works closely with some of the biggest names in Hollywood and many of them are regular guests at his legendary Club Flamingo in Zurich. The glamorous manager is most at home where all the famous stars and starlets from the movie and dance scenes hang out, making him perfectly qualified to be a member of the Lifestyle Jury for The Dance.


Dancer, choreographer and hip-hop DJ – Yugson Hawks is an artist with enormous talent and has strong roots in the world of hip hop. He devotes every free moment to his passion of DJing and conjures up pulsating, energetic beats from behind his turntables.


Thanks to his experience, he is one of the most respected DJs on the hip-hop scene. DJ Renegade is a specialist in creating the right beat for the dancers. He is highly sought after and spends most of his time travelling the world and appearing at the largest dance events.


The dancer and choreographer also brought that certain something to The Dance in 2017 with his charisma and enthusiasm. John Agesilas’ voice is part of all the international dance contests and has relayed some of the best showdowns of the scene.


The TV presenter has been in the limelight now for 11 years and her skill is indeed hard to beat. With her friendly and professional manner, she transforms every broadcast and every event into a spectacular happening.