In 2017, The Dance once again took to the road with its Swisstour powered by Mazda in search of the best dancers in Switzerland. To take part in the Tour, you had to make a video of yourself dancing to one of the two The Dance Songs, which were available on the website. A total of 20 winners formed Mazda's "black" and "white" teams, who were coached by professional choreographers before having the once-in-a-lifetime chance to show off their skills on stage as the warm-up acts for the best crews in the world.


The b-boy and choreographer Björn “Buz” Meier, who has already successfully participated in numerous breakdance battles at home and abroad, was the mentor in the Mazda team white. Buz has headed up his own breakdance school for 10 years and is the founder of the platform “”. He has already performed on stage for productions such as “Breakthrough” and “Outside the Box” and works as a breakdance choreographer for “Break the Tango”. His list of awards is also impressive. For example, he took with the group Soul Point second place in the “Battle of the Year Central Europe” with his choreography and was honoured with the Swiss Dance Prize for dancer in the MIR Compagnie.

SWISSTOURTEAM blackChoreography

Saeed Hosseini, dancer and choreographer of videos, commercials, musicals and fashion shows, coached the Mazda team black. He has been creating show productions at national and international level for more than 10 years. As a choreographer and creative director, Saeed Hosseini has choreographed and danced for TV shows, video shoots, commercials, musicals and fashion shows in Asia and Europe. Thanks to his international experience, Saeed Hosseini is one of the leading show choreographers of his generation.


18.02.2017ZÜRICHFROM 2 P.M.

Letzipark Baslerstrasse 50 8066 Zürich

25.02.2017LUZERNFROM 12 A.M.

Pilatusmarkt Ringstrasse 19 6010 Kriens

04.03.2017CHURFROM 2 P.M.

City West Comercialstrasse 32 7000 Chur

11.03.2017BASELFROM 2 P.M.

Stücki Shoppingcenter Hochbergerstrasse 70 4057 Basel

18.03.2017CHIASSOFROM 2 P.M.

Serfontana Shopping Center Viale Serfontana 20 6834 Morbio Inferiore

25.03.2017BERNEFROM 2 P.M.

Wankdorf Center Papiermühlestrasse 85 3014 Bern

01.04.2017ST. GALLENFROM 2 P.M.

Säntispark Wiesenbachstrasse 9 9030 Abtwil

08.04.2017GenèveFROM 2 P.M.

La Praille Routes des Jeunes 10 1227 Carouge

29.04.2017LAUSANNEFROM 2 P.M.

Léman Centre Crissier Chemin du Saugy 1 1023 Crissier

06.05.2017ZÜRICHFROM 2 P.M.

Letzipark Baslerstrasse 50 8066 Zürich
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This DJ has already appeared at some of the most trendy parties in Switzerland, such as SILK (Mascotte, ZH), Addiction (Hiltl Club, ZH) and Ménage à Trois (Backstage, SG). He is a huge fan of urban music and definitely someone to watch in this scene.


„The Dance Anthem von DJ A.S.ONE x JAM Feat. NateIvity & Hardy - You know it's lit“ - With 190 national & international bookings, the 30-year-old A.S.One is among the leading Swiss Hip Hop DJs / Producers. Whenever US stars like Kanye West, Chris Brown, Rick Ross and Tyga are guests in Switzerland, it is clear who is the man for the afterparty: A.S.One.


„Heads & Tails (feat. Cilia Hunch) von Typewriter“ - Typewriter is a Swiss producer and songwriter. Beyond the borders of his native country, the 25-year-old full-blooded musician has entered the international music business in the last years. His latest and at the same time biggest success, Typewriter celebrated last summer as a songwriter and vocal producer of the title "Please Tell Rosie" by the Berlin DJ Alle Farben. The summer hit reached the top 5 of the single charts in several European countries and reached platinum in Germany.